Dumbbells & Devotions TRAVEL a 3-week fitness and faith program for healthier traveling. It is designed to help women know their worth, get fit, and love themselves.

Dumbbells and Devotions Travel

A FREE 3-week TRAVEL-BASED fitness and faith guide with daily workouts YOU CAN DO ANYWHERE!

Using your own body weight or a resistance band, you will challenge your body with HIIT, toning, cardio and more. It includes daily devotionals, and simple recipes. The program is designed to help women travel healthier all while finding a renewed love for themselves in God’s image.

Be challenged physically, spiritually, and emotionally, so you can experience a transformed travel lifestyle. Achieve your fitness goals by completing the workouts, and pair them with the devotionals and tasks to grow your faith. Download your guide now to start your healthy traveling experience. 


Get your travel workouts now!

Because you don’t need to worry about getting to the gym when you’re traveling.
Get 25+ workouts you can do anywhere!

STATS for the Dumbbells & Devotions TRAVEL Program. 25 workouts you can do anywhere, simple recipe ideas, food for a place, packing tips, healthy travel tips, and daily devotionals to grow your faith. FREE!!

Dumbbells & Devotions TRAVEL - is a fitness and faith guide for traveling. With do anywhere workouts, daily devotionals, and easy recipes. Designed to grow your faith walk and help you achieve your fitness goals. Use this guide for healthier traveling. Workouts you can do anywhere (No-equipment workouts), daily devotionals to grow your faith, and healthy travel tips and recipes.


3 weeks of workouts you can DO ANYWHERE with circuits ranging from toning, to HIIT, to cardio, and more. Each workout is designed to help you tone up and achieve your fitness goals. Modify each workout to fit your needs/fitness experience. Don’t have access to a gym? No problem - these workouts require only your body weight or a resistance band.


These areas contain encouraging messages to grow your faith. They are specifically centered around helping women find their identity, find encouragement in their current situations, and become the best version of themselves.

Healthy Travel Tips

These tips will help you choose wisely as you travel. You will find plane eating guidelines, simple snacks you can bring while traveling, healthy packing list, and more!


FOOD and simple Recipes

Eating healthy while traveling is tough. I make it easy in Dumbbells And Devotions TRAVEL. You will find food to bring on a plane/road trip, 3-4 ingredient recipes you can make in your hotel room, and my favorite 2-3 ingredient food combinations for simple traveling.

Dumbbells & Devotions TRAVEL - food you can take on a plane, plus healthy travel tips and workouts you can do anywhere!




GET your FREE copy of my 3-week TRAVEL fitness and faith program.

Dumbbells & Devotions TRAVEL


3-week fitness and faith travel guide. Includes 25 workouts, 21 devotionals, simple recipes and travel food ideas, healthy travel tips and more!

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