Discount codes for fitness and health products! Fitstagram Michelle is sharing her discounts to get you more for your money. Protein bars, bags, apparel, collagen, and more!

Discount Codes


Discount Codes

I'm sharing some discounts with you for products I absolutely LOVE. I will only recommend companies with products I use regularly and can't live without. Enjoy babes. 

Terra Origin x Fitstagram.Michelle


Looking for bone broth protein that actually tastes good? Look no further. I fell in love with Terra Origin after finding their bone broth at TJ Maxx. I use it just about every single day - in my smoothies, baked goods, drinks. Plus, they have a ton of delicious flavors and they’re constantly coming out with new products. They only use clean and natural ingredients unlike many other brands.

25% OFF: "Michelle25"

Diff eyewear Blue Light glasses. Prevents harmful rays from screens to hit your eyes that cause pain, headache, blurred vision.


Blue Light glasses! As a graphic designer, I’m always staring at a screen - LIKE ALL DAY LONG. After a few nights of serious headaches and painful eyes, I had to try these. The glasses protect your eyes from harmful blue light rays that come from computers, phone screens, and TVs which cause eyestrain, headaches, and even mental / physical fatigue. I wear mine all day at work, and let me tell you, they really do work! PS. My frames are the Blue Light "Jaxson" in amber tortoise.

25% OFF: "MichelleS25"

MVMT Watches for women. DISCOUNT CODE for $15 off any purchase! Use code "Fitstagram15"

MVMT Watches

I am in LOVE with these watches and sunglasses. My husband has a few of their watches as well- he found them online two years ago and has since stocked up! The quality is better than any I’ve seen before and their styles are to die for. Chic and cute.

$15 OFF: "Fitstagram15"

Sol & Selene discount code for athletic and gym bags, backpacks, yoga mat bags and more.

Sol & Selene 

This brand has killer bags, backpacks, and travel necessities for any girl on the move. My favorite part about their bags is the mini dirty laundry bag inside each product (hello gym convenience). They also have tons of pockets so you'll never lose your items again. I'm obsessed with the yoga mat bags as well. 



Fré Skincare

The ultimate skincare line for anyone and everyone who sweats! Yes, I had terrible skin growing up. Yes, FRÉ drastically improved my skin tone, blemishes, and brightness. I am beyond grateful I found this 3-step program! Try 123FRÉ for yourself: for every set sold, an Argan tree is planted (empowering local communities & fighting deforestation).

15% OFF: "FITMS"


Square Organics

My FAVORITE organic protein bars and protein popcorn. I mean come on, bars that ACTUALLY taste delish (can you say chocolate everything?) and popcorn that is good for you!

20% OFF: "Fitstagram.Michelle"


Smart Shake Shaker Bottles

I love these bottles. I own 3 different ones. My go-to is the double-walled bottle for my hot and cold drinks. They have a ton of different styles, patterns and colors. Most have extra compartments to hold protein powder, snacks or keys.

20% OFF: "Fitstagram.Michelle20"

Collagen for women to support digestion, body and skin health, improve your gut. Collagen For Her Discount code.

Collagen For Her

Collagen has been a critical addition to my health journey. This brand is my favorite because it is made specifically for women! It supports your gut and intestinal health, strengthens your hair, skin and bones, clears up breakouts, and contains protein. I add this to my smoothies, coffee, and baked goods. It is flavorless so it mixes with just about anything! 

10% OFF: "Michelle10"