Word Of The Day Challenge

Word Of The Day Challenge

This is a one week challenge where you dedicate a different word to each day. The intention is to continually practice the word’s meaning and repeat it in your mind throughout the day. The hope is to impart the meaning of the word onto your life and instill truths into your mind. It has changed me more than I ever thought it would. My attitude toward working out and living well has become far more focused and dedicated than ever before. This challenge revealed just how much I was selling myself short before and that I had the power to change it. It has rejuvenated a passion inside me. Through concentrating on a single word to pursue each day, I was able to push past obstacles and become more aware of my abilities. Read on to see which words I chose and to challenge yourself.


Today's word is "MOTIVATION." I'm aiming to feel motivated and apply it to all aspects of my day. I want to feel motivated not only in my workouts, but my meal choices, my work, my daily activities, my relationship, and my faith. I want to feel a passion to excel and accomplish much. I want to find a means of motivation so I can be fueled in my actions and be all that I can be.


Nourishment is fuel for the mind, body, and soul. It generates the ability to be actionable. I'm aiming to fuel with clean foods and give my body the nutrients it needs. Nourishment also pertains to nourishing my muscles - a solid workout. I want to focus on nourishing my mind as well. I read, intentionally seeking out new tutorials for work, and search online for new health and wellness tips. I nourish my soul with my morning devotional and through chatting with God throughout the day. NOURISHMENT is more than just feeding yourself. It's about fueling your life.


Oxford dictionary defines persistent as: “Firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.” Being persistent is all about an unrelenting continuation no matter what. Pushing through fatigue to complete my workouts requires persistence. Persistence on my job means focusing on completing projects and tasks. Being persistent today also means pushing through any obstacles that will come my way. I am willing, I am ready, I am able. I am persistent in life.⠀

"Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success." - Napoleon Hill⠀


This day is all about choices. There are so many choices we make daily, and each of them have consequences - good or bad. My goal is to become more aware of the choices I make, and choose well. I want to live intentionally and with a purpose. This boils down to my choices. I can choose to workout, eat well, fuel my body and spirit. I can choose to tell myself truths. I can choose to love others and live in a way that pleases God. I can choose to take care of my body and be mindful of my actions. My desire is that my choices reflect my goals.


Push past my limits. No matter what life throws at me, I want to push through every obstacles. I want to push through insecurities; push through negative talk; push through pain, sweat, tears. I want to push through everything that's holding me back from reaching my goals. I don’t want to pushed around by things that are of this world. Instead, I want to do the pushing. I want to PUSH through, PUSH onward, PUSH upward.


Weekends are the hardest for me to stay consistent with my eating habits, workouts, and choices. A different or lack of schedule, travel, events, etc prevent me from sticking to my usual routine. I tend to drink less water, eat less healthy, and get less sleep. I want to focus on remaining consistent in my actions from my week through my weekend. I want my WEEKEND to look like my WEEK. I am committing to do this for myself, for my health, for my sanity. I want to be consistent day in and day out.

Now it’s your turn. I challenge you to use these words or come up with your own and intentionally apply one to each day of your week. Write down how this impacts your mind and your actions. It has changed my life, and I hope you take up the opportunity for it to change yours as well.

Word of the Day Challenge. Motivation to achieve your goals, get fit, and be the best boss babe you can be. Fitstagram Michelle. A health and fitness blogger finding ways to live healthier and happier in a busy life.

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