What Does Wellness Really Mean?

What Does Wellness Really Mean?

What does wellness really mean?

well·ness - the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal

Wellness is a term you hear tossed around 24/7–a serious buzzword. It seems to be a topic of much discussion and a highlight with many celebrities. Conferences are built around the topic, wellness retreats are sliding in your DM and Youtube tutorials cover any range of wellness. But what does wellness really mean? How do you define it?

Searching for the definition online, you’ll find, “well·ness - the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.” This definition has two parts: the current state and the future state. It includes the present state of your being, who you are, how you feel, your overall health in addition to a constant pursuit of improvement now and for time to come. Wellness represents the entirety of you: physical, mental and spiritual. It is a harmonization and balance of these three parts. Therefore, to pursue true wellness, to achieve this state of being, you must focus on all aspects of yourself. Mind-body-spirit connection.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness, in my opinion, is not earning a “bangin’ bod” with a 6-pack that is seen a mile away. Physical wellness is more than simply your outer physique. It encompasses the inner workings of your organs, the health of the parts of your body that allow you to move, breathe, live, be. This area of wellness comes in all types and sizes – there is no one true physique that can be called the goal of phycial wellness. It is a constant improvement of the way your body functions, and every body is different. Physical wellness for you could mean something completely different for me. But the general aim of physical wellness is to improve your functions to the best your body can be. Factors that can improve or destroy wellness include: exercise, consumption, sleep, etc. Physical wellness makes you feel strong, powerful, and in perfect balance.

Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is one of my favorite areas. It is more than the implied enhancement of your brain/intelligence. Mental wellness includes your personality, relationships, self image, challenging your brain functions (work), emotions, perception, and more. Mentally becoming well is more difficult than it may seem. You must learn to think differently. You must become focused on self-care. Mental wellness means learn what makes you joyful, content, grateful, challenged, growing, learning, loving. Find those things and continually aim to grow in these areas. Mental wellness doesn't only touch on what you should add, but it also includes what you should remove. Remove things that prevent you from a healthy mindset. Remove or reduce things that cause stress, disfunction, or hate. In order to be mentally well, you must consider who surround yourself with. There's a saying that you are the average of your 5 closest relationships. Think about who you frequently do life with. Are they aiding to your mental wellness? Do they enhance your self image, your healthy mindset, your view on life?  Mental wellness encompasses the health of your mind. It is a pursuit of a strong and perceptive mindfulness.

Spiritual Wellness

Your inner being. Spiritual wellness involves a higher power, the sense of being. Spirituality for me means growing in my relationship with my Father. I pursue His will and His character. I do not believe anyone will ever reach "success" in becoming spiritually perfect. Rather, it is a constant growth in your soul that leads to spiritual wellness. Where does your soul rest? How do you grow in this area? What makes your soul feel complete? Growing spiritually is a task that varies for everyone. My view of spiritual improvement includes being in constant communication with the Lord, finding time to reflect on my day, sitting down to do a devotional, praying, loving, dreaming. Spiritual wellness means giving yourself soul food.

Wellness evokes a continual drive to improve oneself. 

My Definition of Wellness

My favorite part about wellness, and maybe why there isn’t a very clear definition, is because wellness varies and is partial to the viewer. In order for you to truly pursue wellness, you must first create your personal definition of it. I ask you to write down your wellness definition, and then go and pursue it. I define wellness as an overall chase to become my best self, inside and out.     

Wellness means actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle. It means showing up when you don't feel like it. It means striving for improvement. It means loving my whole self. It means listening to my mind and body and spirit to synchronize them. Wellness means finding health and happiness in each day. Wellness means caring for the entirety of my being. healthy on the inside: mind, body, spirit. 

Wellness Input

I asked a few people for their thoughts on the subject. Here is their input: 

“Mind, body and soul in alignment with God’s will and peace.”
— instagram.com/tiu_annabanana37
“I always connect wellness to my “live forever plan.” I want my body and my mind to last as long as possible so I can experience all the adventures this life has to offer. That means exercising so I move well, trying to keep all the delicious poisons to a minimum and learning as much as I can and continually taking care of my soul.”
— instagram.com/livelifestrong_d
“But real wellness for me means looking at the full 360. Really connecting the dots of your health and well-being for ourselves and understanding what we like and what works for us because we’re all so different. So understand that it’s a personal journey and being comfortable in your own skin. Being OK with saying, this is what works for me; this is what I like doing.”
— alisoncanavan.com/minding-mum
“I think wellness is a feeling: when you just feel activated in all aspects of your body and your mind when things are lined up and they’re harmonized, and you just feel unstoppable.”
— Neil Grimmer habit.com/our-story
“To me, wellness means to care for your body. To nurture it with the food you eat, vitamins, what you drink. To fuel it with things that have a purpose for your body. Same goes with spending time reading The Word.”
— instagram.com/rhema.tiu
What does wellness really mean? Defining wellness and exploring its physical, mental and spiritual aspects.
“I’ve always thought of wellness as a pursuing holistic health for your body, mind, and emotions. They’re all connected, and wellness is honoring your body’s needs, feeding your mind, and pursuing joy!”
— instagram.com/gvl_tiu
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