Thinking Out Loud: Tips For The Hustlers

Thinking Out Loud: Tips For The Hustlers

Today is just 24 hours. 

I find myself struggling to get through some days because I look too much into the future. I worry about what tomorrow, or the rest of the week, or an upcoming event will bring. Instead, I need to choose to look at today in small increments and be present. It is just 24 hours in total–a tiny glimpse of life. I choose to live intentionally and view today as an achievable goal. Get through 24 hours and you are on to the next. 

There is strength in numbers.

I truly believe that accountability is the number one thing that helps me stay motivated. I know I have a group of men and women who believes in me, encourages me and pushes me to be better. Finding like-minded individuals who want to help you become the best you is a powerful motivator. Strength is built on the people behind you. You are not doing this on your own; you have the force of those around you.

Wellness is a life-long pursuit.

So often people look at wellness as a specific state to achieve. Rather, I believe it is the ever-continuing journey to gain a healthier mind, body, and soul. There isn't one point in your life when you'll say, "I have achieved wellness." I believe we can always strive to improve and balance the areas of our lives. It is a state that is unachievable, but by simply aiming for it, we are living in wellness. 

Don't aim for perfect. Aim for better. 

This statement helps me mentally prepare for each day. I don't think we can ever fully become perfect at living. Simply saying we are trying to be perfect automatically results in a failure because we can never become perfect. Instead of shooting for something we cannot achieve, I like to say that I am aiming for better. I am continually trying to better myself, others, and this world. If I can confidently say I tried to live better today, I believe I am succeeding. Rather than aim for the impossible, aim for an accomplishable state.

Comparison is the thief of joy. 

I heard someone say this on the radio and it stuck with me. Comparison almost always causes us to reflect poorly on ourselves. We constantly see what others have and what we don't. We view our bodies, jobs, circumstances, wealth, etc with foggy lenses. We need not compare our lives to that of others. We must understand that our circumstances are DIFFERENT and incomparable. Comparison causes us to miss the blessings we already have for worriment in the things we don't have. This robs us of our joy. Instead, we should view our lives separately and differently than others - not worse than them. Don't compare yourself to those around you, but be grateful for your life and the blessings God has given you.

These are my thoughts for all my hustlers out there. 

Fitstagram Michelle. A health and fitness blogger finding ways to live healthier and happier in a busy life.

Photos are from the #GirlTalkNYC event and taken by Diana Davis Creative

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