Simple Ways To Be Healthier Today

Simple Ways To Be Healthier Today

Many people tell me they don’t have time to be healthy. I’ve heard every excuse in the book: I need my sleep, my schedule is too busy, it’s too expensive, I don’t have a gym, I simply don’t have time. In reality, we all have time IF WE MAKE IT. A desire to live healthier will fuel you to prioritize these areas of your life.

You don’t need to hit the gym for hours on end and spend exorbitant amounts on health foods. That isn’t realistic for most of us anyway. Instead, make your health a priority by changing tiny habits that are simple to do daily. Use this list to see how you can easily take steps to a healthier life inside and out. Try to do 3-4 of these per day and increase that amount as you can!

  1. Go for a walk

  2. Check your diet

  3. Always carry a water bottle

  4. Get more sleep

  5. Prioritize 1 thing that makes you happy

  6. Find 5 minutes to rest and reset

  7. Chat with God

  8. Do a 15 minute HIIT workout in your living room

  9. Eat whole foods

  10. Take the stairs

  11. Pray for a loved one

  12. Eat vegetables every chance you can

  13. Make a meal at home instead of eating out

  14. Walk your dog

  15. Use a face mask

  16. Choose water over juice or soda

  17. Take vitamins

  18. List your goals

  19. Choose fruit over sweets

  20. Eat more lean protein

  21. Light a candle

  22. Walk to the store

  23. Try a workout challenge

  24. Spend time with a friend

  25. Do sit-ups while watching tv

  26. Stretch your body

  27. Speak kind words to yourself

Peach Breakfast Muffins (with hidden veggies)

Peach Breakfast Muffins (with hidden veggies)

Total Body HIIT Workout

Total Body HIIT Workout