Quick & Effective Ab Burner Circuit

Quick & Effective Ab Burner Circuit


Quick & Effective Ab Burner Circuit

Looking for a quick and super effective Ab workout? This is just the one. With just 6 moves, it will leave you sore the following day! For this workout you will need: A yoga ball, mat, 1 weight, and a resistance band. Depending on your level, you can use a small weight of ~3lbs and the "light" band (or no weight or band at all). For advanced athletes, try using a weight of ~15 lbs or more and the "heavy" or "extra heavy" bands. You can find the specific bands I use on Amazon here. Alright, get ready to sweat! 

20 reps of each:


Start in a plank position with your feet on top of a ball. Pull your stomach in toward the sky and slightly roll the ball towards your hands. You are in an upside down V. Lower your stomach parallel to the floor to return to starting position. Repeat.

Russian twists

Start with you bottom on the ground and your feet raised a couple inches above the floor. With a weight in your hands, turn your torso from side to side. Breathe out as your move from center to outside. Breathe in as you move from outside to center.

Weighted in & out crunches

Lie on your back with your feet raised to the sky. With 1 weight in your hands, crunch upward pushing the weight between your legs. Slightly turn your torso to the left and crunch to the outside of your legs. return to crunch in the middle, then crunch to the outside of your right leg. 

Weighted toe ups

With your feet raised to the sky and your back on the floor, hold 1 weight with both hands and crunch upward to the sky. Your shoulders should be off of the ground and your lower back should remain pressing to the ground the entire time.

Banded bicycle

Place a resistance band around your lower thighs. Begin this move with your back pressed against the ground, your arms bent behind your head, and your feet raised and bent. Crunch your right elbow to the opposite knee, return to center, crunch your left elbow to the opposite knee and return to center. 


With your lower back pressed firmly on the mat, raise one leg to the sky while the opposite leg is hovering about 2 inches above the ground. Switch legs so the opposite leg is in the air. Continue scissor kicking each leg to the sky.

Repeat 4x.


*Consult a doctor before performing any of these exercises.*

Quick & Effective Ab Burner Workout by @FitstagramMichelle. Get tight and lean abs with these 6 simple moves.
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