What To Pack For A Healthier Vacation

What To Pack For A Healthier Vacation

Vacation is a time to relax and refresh your mind and body. I have found that it can be very easy to take vacation to a whole new level and "let go" of your wellness. This leaves me feeling worse than before, sluggish, and moody when vacation is meant to do the opposite. I have been traveling a lot lately and found my top 5 practical things to pack for vacation to make it a healthier experience overall. (PS. None of this is sponsored, I just genuinely love these products and wanted to share!)

1. Gym shoes - Even if you have no intention of hitting the gym while on vacation, gym shoes are a critical item to pack. I love switiching up my normal workouts for a lower-intensity alternative while I'm traveling. I tend to walk a ton while sight-seeing or enjoying my resort so I need comfortable shoes to do so. Gym shoes also come in handy for excursions. While in the Domincan, we were required to wear sneakers on our Dune Buggie adventure. Packing a pair will encouage you to get moving!


2. Vitamins/supplements - It can be difficult to fuel your body properly on vacation for lack of your normal routine, kitchen, groceries. Meal choices at resorts/hotels are not always filled with greens, proper protein, or energy-filled foods. Healthier options are not always available, and traveling depletes your normal hydration levels. When I go on vacation, I try to bring some clean supplements and vitamins along with me - and ones that come in travel packs are IDEAL! Hello, convenience. Green powder, protein, and immunity shots to increase the well-being of my mind and body while still in "vacation mode" helps me feel better while still living the life.

3. Booty bands - The best-kept workout weapon in my opinion. These bad boys are so simple to pack because they weigh nearly nothing and fit in small, tight spaces. You can get in a quality workout without any weights or other equipment. These things are so versatile too as you can work your entire body with this simple piece Here is a great vacation workout that only requires a single booty band. I've had my pair for two years now and I use them at least twice a week. 

Phantom Fit

By Gary L. Thomas

4. Books - Mindfulness is one area I love to work on during vacation. Books help me relax and renew. They calm my mind and allow me to focus on the words within rather than outside distractions. I am currently reading Sacred Marriage for the second time becuase it is THAT good. If you are married or thinking about getting married one day, I highly recomend it! The author's main question of the book is, "What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?" FOOD FOR THOUGHT. 


5. Healthy snacks - So often I find it fairly difficult to eat healthy while I travel. Between eating out, eating on the go, and eating at random times, it gets tricky! In order to fuel my body well, I bring some clean snacks (that are TSA approved). Nuts, oatmeal packets, protein bars, and turkey jerky are some of the items I pack to stay fueled and well. My favorite bar to bring is Square Organics protein and crisp bars. They taste like a chocolate bar, yet they're clean and packed with protein to keep me full and satisfied. TREAT YO' SELF.   

I hope you find this list helpful. It really is fairly simple to stay on track while still enjoying yourself on vacation. Sure, there are many other ways to stay healthy while traveling, but these are easy to pack and have helped me tremendously! 



I have been traveling a lot lately and found my top 5 practical things to pack for vacation to make it a healthier experience overall. These simple things make all the difference!
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