New Year, New Wardrobe – that's one way to motivate

New Year, New Wardrobe – that's one way to motivate


Very frequently I am asked where I get my workout clothes. My husband would say I have an obsession (I like to call it a talent) for finding and buying new fitness gear. I'd say 99% of my purchases recently have been a new sports bra or a great pair of leggings. Im a TRUE believer in that "if you look good, you'll train hard" mentality. This is a healthy fuel to the fire behind my purchases–am I right?! Want to know where I get most of my outfits and what I think of them? Read on...

Wear It To Heart (WITH)

If I had to choose one athleticwear brand to buy from for the rest of the year, it would be Wear It To Heart. This brand is by far one of my ALL-TIME favorites! The ethical company prides itself on choosing materials with a minimal impact on the earth making them eco-friendly. The material WITH uses is very high quality, doesn't show sweat (thanks to a moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool & dry) and has a silky texture. Hello, comfort! The sets are supportive and hold you in in all the right places. Their High Neck Bra 2.0 has a comfort level superior to other bra's I've worn, and supports you without cutting into your skin. The leggings seem to tighten your legs and prop up your booty. Is there anything better? I mean come on. The company has a very wide variety of different styles, patterns, colors for you to choose from, so you are sure to find your perfect look. Camouflage, starry nights, flowers, you name it, they have it. My favorite part: THE SETS HAVE WONDERFUL DETAILING. An added stripe on the side of the leggings give them that extra step up in terms of styling. This adorable red set is lined with a really cute grey camouflage for an added pizzazz. Can I get an AMEN?! The prices range from about $40 to $82 for bottoms and $30 to $70 for tops. Honestly, I can't even express how much I'm in love with their products. Check them out 'cause you are sure to LOVE what you find.  (I am wearing a size small in top and bottoms).

Want my outfit? Purchase it here


Lilybod and Fabletics

The bottoms pictured above are from lilybod. They have a very particular style to all of their leggings with a similar pattern throughout. Therefore the variety is limiting, but if you love the look, you'll be satisfied with any purchase. The leggings are fairly thick but breathable. They have a smooth texture and wear well. Personally, I prefer high waisted leggings, but for normal height, I do love these. They run slightly long on the length, so if you have shorter legs like me, you may want to choose "crop" style. (I am wearing a size small). 

My top is from Fabletics. I love that it has removable padding and a decent amount of support. Fabletics has a large variety of workout clothes, but they are on a membership basis. I signed up to be billed monthly, but I skip nearly every month until I'm I find an outfit I can't live without. Their prices are pretty average, $40-$70 for a full set (2-3 pieces). It's somewhat complicated to try mixing and matching pieces of sets on their site, but the outfits are all really cute. One thing I love about Fabletics is that their products are developed for a specific sport like yoga, running, cross training, athleisure, etc. I have a winter coat, a jacket, and a full workout set, all of which have surpassed my original judgement.  (I am wearing a size small). 



Old Navy Active

If you are looking for less expensive sets with a large assortment of styles and colors, Old Navy Active is your best friend. Their products are one of my go-to brands now.  The quality is surprising good for the price. They sell leggings, bottoms, and joggers in unique styles. One of my favorite parts is their range of lengths. For girls with shorter legs like me, it is difficult to find leggings that fit correctly on my waist, yet are short enough to not go past my ankles. Old Navy's high waisted 7/8 leggings are that perfect in-between. They sell tops and with matching bottoms in a whole slew of colors and patterns. Do you have 230940243980 pairs of black leggings and want a little more pop in your wardrobe? You'll be sure to find at least one set you love to jazz up your style. (I am wearing a size small in both top and bottoms). 



The cheapest and most affordable brand of workout clothes I own are from Forever21. The company is expanding and improving their activewear products in stores (but most variety is found online). Personally, I buy these sets as a filler when my favorite brands get too expensive. BUT, I will say, their sports bras are wonderful. They come in a huge slew of styles, support, colors, fit and are incredibly cheap for a nice bra. One of the best parts of their tops is that most come with built in padding so you can venture out into the cold without others noticing (catch my drift?). Be careful if you order their leggings as they tend to be see-through or very sweat visible. Not my favorites, but great for athleisure. (I am wearing a size extra small in top and small bottoms). 


I hope this post helps your athleticwear search and allows you to narrow your options. Wear It To Heart is my number one choice for 2018 and you better believe I'll be increasing my stock. Now, go grab yourself a new set to get moving and get motivated. 


Photo credit goes to the wonderful Bre Cura. She was such a trooper shooting these in 35 degree temps. Find her at @youknowitsallgood and give her all the love.

New Year, New Wardrobe. Assessing my favorite activewear brands! New workout clothes is a great motivation to get to the gym!
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