My Weekly Workout Routine

My Weekly Workout Routine

I have received a lot of questions about my typical weekly workout schedule. It is a topic that I find difficult to answer, mainly because it varies per week. I don't follow a body part per day of the week schedule like some do, but I do switch up body parts or types of workouts each day. I try to follow Tone It Up's weekly schedule (free on for guidance, and I do their "Daily Moves" which is usually 5 moves, 15 reps each for 4 rounds (also free on I find that their schedule helps identify which body part to focus on each day and what type of workout to do.

Daily, I wake up early to move my body first thing in the morning. This is usually a 30-45 minute workout in my living room with low weights (5-10 lbs) following the Daily Moves along with a 15 minute video or two after. I typically lift heavier weights once a week (specifically on my booty/legs). I perform a HIIT 1-2 times a week. I love adding in 2-3 classes–spin, hot yoga, HIIT–from my gym as well. These are usually after I get home from work. I always try my best to get in a 30 minute walk (MON- FRI) during my lunch break if possible. Yes, sometimes I'm in heels and a dress, but I'm happy to move my body. I write down my workouts and meals each week to keep me committed to workouts and to help me identify my meal consumption. Below is what I followed last week and it is very typical to my normal weekly schedule looks like:

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Typical Weekly Schedule

MONDAY: Total Body
AM: TIU Daily Moves + 12 minute Total Body video
PM: Hot Yoga

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AM: My Ab Crusher Circuit
PM: Indoor soccer (50 minutes)

AM: 10 minute stairmaster + 30 minute Lower Body Heavy Weights
PM: 1 hour spin class

AM: TIU Daily Moves + 15 min HIIT workout
PM: Light 30 minute run

FRIDAY: Arms + Abs
AM: TIU Daily Moves + My Ab Crusher Circuit
PM: 1 mile treadmill run + 5 arm moves 15 reps each (repeat circuit 3x) 

SATURDAY: Total Body
AM: TIU Daily Moves + 15 minute Video
PM: 45 minute walk

SUNDAY: Rest Day
PM: 45 minute walk

Fitstagram Michelle's weekly workout schedule plus a free at-home ab workout.
Leggings + Sports Bra: Halio LA  
Shoes: Adidas Edge Lux
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