5 Tips for a Healthier Wedding Season

5 Tips for a Healthier Wedding Season

So wedding season is upon us and my husband and I are already 3 weddings deep this year. It is a period of joy, travel, and indulgence. Weddings usually mean I'm removed from my normal schedule, eating habits, and gym life for 2-3 days. Since attending many weddings, I have developed a list of my top 5 tips to remain healthy while still enjoying yourself during a wedding weekend. I hope this helps you plan with confidence and excitement. 

5 Tips for a healthier wedding season. Tip 1: Prioritize a sweat.

1. Prioritize your workout

For me, I am always less stressed once I am able to get my workout in. Traveling, staying at hotels, and loads of events can limit your ability to squeeze in a workout. My number one tip is to prioritize a workout, even if it is only 15 minutes. I love going for a brisk walk in the morning or a jog to pickup coffee while exploring the new area. If i'm feeling a little more lofty, I'll head to the hotel gym and perform a few circuits (this one only requires a booty band). Sweating also helps reduce jet lag–another bonus of working out. Lastly, and probably most importantly, don't be shy on the dance floor, babe. It's a great way to hit some extra cardio and get you moving after dinner and drinks. The following morning, try to wake up and go for a long walk to kick-start your metabolism.

5 tips for a healthier wedding season. tip 2: Pack for success.

2. Pack for success

This one can seem obvious, but it needs to be stated. Packing for success is critical to a healthier wedding season. Most times, I am so concerned with my dress for the reception that I forget to pack other outfits. Pack outfits that are versatile. Lately, I've been packing 1-2 workout sets that can double as athleisure for breakfast or exploring the town. My go-to's include a pair of black leggings, a crop top (forever21 has the best ones that you can wear for workouts or any daily activity). Be sure to bring your gym shoes and a pair of shoes that can be worn for long walks. This allows you to get moving any way you can. Now let's talk about snacks. Yes, you are going to be fed at the wedding, but what about the night before or the day of? I love packing healthy options to limit my spend on eating out or attempting to find lean, clean and green options. My typical bag includes Almond or Peanut butter pouches, nuts, fruit (apples and bananas), protein powder, protein bars, and an occasional muffin if I bake before I leave. Lastly, be sure to pack toiletries. I try to always pack ones that are especially hydrating and rejuvenating as traveling, drinking, and dining out take a toll on your skin's appearance. 

5 tips for a healthier wedding season by FitstagramMichelle

3. Plan your plate and drinks

Weddings are known for their delicious food options and unlimited bar. Whether the wedding offers a buffet or a plated dinner, there are a couple ways to make it healthier. First, eat a snack before attending so you are less likely to go for the appetizers or over eat during dinner. I love a protein bar or nuts. Dinners are usually high in fats and carbs to make the meal more savory. If you have a buffet option, fill your plate with greens and proteins before adding any empty carbs. For plated options, choose a lean protein and skip the desserts. Drinks are loaded with carbs and sugars. Choose drinks that don't include high calorie mixers. My go-tos are gin or vodka with club soda (tonic is high is sugar and carbs) or red wine. Continue to hydrate during your night with water between drinks.  Avoid sitting too long at the table; get up and dance to limit your temptation to continue to pick at your food or eat desserts.  

5 Tips for a healthier wedding season. Tip #4: Replenish and Recover. Eye masks

4. Replenish & Recover

Traveling and weddings require extra hydration for your body and skin. Be sure to pack some essentials to make sure you replenish the missing nutrients to help with recovery. Have a bottle of water in your hands at all times. Drink, drink, drink. This will rejuvenate your skin, your internal organs and get you out of a fog. Replenish your body's electro-lights with some vitamins. I love waking up and drinking an Emergen-C packet first thing to help start my body's recovery and prevent illness. One item I won't attend a wedding without is an eye masks. My eyes are always tired and puffy after a long night of dancing and drinks so I need a little extra love for them. I've tried a few different brands but my favorite is Wander Beauty's gold eye masks. I mean, they definitely make me feel like a queen and they really work! 

Tips for a Healthier Wedding Season. Visit Fitstagrammichelle.com

5. Meditate/alone time/prayer

Weddings are full of non-stop chatting, dancing and reunions. Don't get me wrong, I love getting opportunities to catch up with people I haven't seen in a while and chatting about life, but it's also important to take time for yourself. I've found that allowing myself to recoop and refocus helps me be even more engaged with my friends later that day. I have found it crucial to my mental health to take about 15 minutes in prayer, devotion and meditation. I set my intentions like I do on my normal schedule and this helps me have more to give. 

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