Healthier Drinks to Order on Vacation

Healthier Drinks to Order on Vacation

Striving for wellness doesn't mean you can't have some fun too. Vacation calls for drinks, am I right? I'm highlighting how to stay health conscious while ordering drinks when the nearest swim-up bar is calling your name. There are plenty of articles on ordering healthier drinks at a bar, but what about while on vacation? Your getaway calls for all of those tropical vibes: Mojito, Mai Tai, Margarita, and those Bay Breezes for days. Here's what to order when you're aiming for a healthier alternative but still want the tropics in a cup. 


Strawberry Lime Twist
Vodka + club soda + fresh strawberries + lime wedge

Blueberry Mint Fizz:
Blueberry vodka + St. Germain liqueur + club soda + mint leaves + a few fresh blueberries

Vodka + Club Soda + Splash of Cranberry Juice + Lime Wedge
It’s similar to a fizzy cosmo. Let juice + club soda means fewer calories but more volume.


Gin + Club Soda + Splash of Grapefruit Juice
This is a lighter twist on the classic Greyhound. If you hate gin, try replacing it with vodka instead.

Pomegin: Gin + Club + Lime + Pom flavors
Gin + club soda + lime wedge and mix in your favorite pomegranate powder. I love using ones from Trulemon.


Paloma - no sugar
Tequila + club soda + fresh grapefruit juice + Fresh lime juice

Tequila + sparkling water + fresh lime juice. 
If you want some extra flavor, add club soda or a powdered mix.

Tequila + OJ + lime squeeze
Mimosas are great, but I love them a little stronger and less sweet - Try it with tequila instead of champagne.
Tequila + Club Soda + Splash of Orange Juice + Maraschino Cherry
This is basically a lightened up tequila sunrise spritzer - no Grenadine needed.

Tequila Gimlet
This drink is the more basic version of a margarita. 
Tequila + lime juice + agave


Watermelon + white rum + club soda + mint leaves + lime juice
Try this lightened up Watermelon Mojito.
Ask your bartended to blend watermelon, club soda and rum, then add lime and mint. 

Coconut rum + club soda + lime 
This straight up tropical drink is lighter than any you might find on the drink list.

Coconut rum + fresh pineapple + lime wedge. 
A lightened Piña Colada that is sure to please! Love it frozen? Ask for it blended with ice. 


Old Fashioned - No Simple Syrup
Ask for this classic without sugar. This is one of those drinks that are surprisingly low-cal to begin with. 


Champagne + fresh berries
I love mine with strawberries and blueberries. Try it with blackberries instead? Why not. 

Champagne + orange juice
A classic mimosa is always in style when celebrating on vacation. Careful though, it's easy to slug these down quick. Ask for a splash of OJ.


Drink consciously.

Try not to mindlessly quaff through thirst or nervousness; drink water at the same time as your wine. Drinking every day can mean it’s pretty easy to overdo it, so think about having some alcohol-free days in your week. And don’t “save up” and binge at the weekend. Binge drinking is associated with its own set of health risks, including injury.

  1. Keep a packet or two of clean drink mixes in your purse. Sprinkle the packet in your drink for additional flavor or sweetness without all of the calories or sugar. Pomegranate in my gin, Lemonade in my Vodka, and Cherry in my rum, Strawberry in my gin (mojito-style)–The obsession is real.

  2. Swap juice or mixers for mashed fresh fruit.

  3. Swap tonic and sodas for sparkling water/club soda

  4. Nix sugars and go for agave or no sugar added.

  5. Skip the alcohol every other drink; ask for a water, water water!

  6. Remain conscious of how many drinks you’ve consumed. Keep a tally on your phone to be sure not to drink in excess.

  7. Replace an alcoholic drink during your meal for drink water. This fills you up and keep you hydrated. Often times, drinking alcohol during meals masks how much you’ve actually consumed since you are eating and distracted. Sip on a drink for dessert instead.

Healthier Drinks to order on vacation. Less calories, less sugar, much healthier. Enjoy the same tropical vibes with these easy drinks everyone will be swooning over.
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