My First Fitness Event

My First Fitness Event

I had the best time this Saturday hosting my very first fitness event. I wanted this time to be one that brought people together in the community, encouraged healthy habits, and fostered growth. I was blown away by the excitement and joy I saw on everyone’s faces as they walked into the spin studio and began to workout.

Sweating has been my passion for over 3 years now. Working out has given me a new mindset on caring for my body and the power of accountability. This event was the fulfillment of my dreams. A huge thank you to all of the incredible sponsors who generously gave to support this event.


stRIDE Spin & Fitness Studio in Phoenixville, PA

stRIDE was the best venue. Jess and Tori - the co-owners of this incredible space are down to earth and enthusiastic about inspiring women. Their welcoming presence made this event possible. Tori instructed the spin class with all the sass you would expect. THANK YOU for making us sweat our booties off.


Bryn & Danes

A local healthy fast-food restaurant around the Philly-area has been saving my life. I live in CT, but visit my family and friends in PA 1-2 times a month. Let’s just say Bryn & Danes is basically family now because I eat their just as much as I see my family. Their smoothie bowls are to die for - we’re talking custom toppings, protein adds, and more. They also provide healthy wraps, sweet potato fries, and breakfast bowls. I highly recommend visit one of their locations for your next girlfriend date or post workout!


This Bar Saves Lives

This Bar not only makes the yummiest bars with flavors like pb&J, but they also give back. Their mission to bring nutritional support to undernourished kids abroad.


Square Organics

Square bars are one of my go-to clean protein snacks. They taste like a candy bar, have zero grainy texture like most protein bars, and have a great balance in healthy fats, protein and carbs. You won’t catch me without a SquareOrganics bar in my purse. They fuel me any time I need some extra nutrition.



Banza pasta has been one food that i swapped for in order to help me lose weight. Instead of the high, empty carbs in normal pasta, Banza makes their noodles from chickpeas which are high in protein and fiber and lower in carbs. I’ve used the noodles in salads, Italian dishes, and even protein bowls.


Snow Monkey

In my early 20’s I developed an intolerance to lactose. For the past few years I’ve simply cut out dairy from my diet, but oh how I have missed some cheese and cream. I recently found Snow Monkey which makes dairy-free ice cream that’s high in protein! I’m obsessed to say the least. I mean they have flavors like Matcha, Passion Fruit and Acai Berry - YUMMM!


PowerUP Snacks

Trail mix is one of my favorite snacks to bring on trips and pack with me when I’m traveling. I love a nutrient-dense snack with protein, healthy fats, and carbs to balance my diet and give me energy. I first found PowerUP at TJ Maxx and was hooked right away. I love their coconut flakes, dried cranberries, and nut packs - I even top my smoothie bowls with them!


Suja Juice

Kombucha is all the craze in the wellness space today. Suja does it right - lower sugar and all of the flavor packed into one bottle. Their juices are delicious and full of fruit and veggies. Talk about getting in your greens for the day with one drink! I’m a huge fan of this brand and you can find them in most groceries stores in the coolers of the fruit and veggie section.


High Brew

Cold brew coffee. Enough said, am I right? High Brew tastes delish with a huge assortment of flavors. Their brew contains more antioxidants, twice the caffeine, and much less acid than a normal cup of coffee. They also have a Direct Trade partnership which allows them to help farmers achieve greater profitability while lessening their environmental impact.  Wins all around.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and my amazing photographer, Bre Cura of @youknowitsallgood, for capturing this event. To everyone who attended, I hope you had the best time sweating and snacking with me! The goal is to have many more fitness events to come. If you are in the Philly, NYC, and CT areas, I'm coming for ya soon enough!

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