Cardio Circuit Booty Burner Workout

Cardio Circuit Booty Burner Workout


Cardio Circuit Booty Burner

Looking to work the booty but are short on time? With just 6 moves, this circuit will leave you breathless and your booty sore. Who doesn't want to tighten and tone up your backside? Strong is the new skinny, am I right? Try these simple moves to get a nice burn. For this workout you will need: A set of weights (I use about 12 lbs), a single heavier weight (try for 20 lbs), and a medicine ball or stool. Now go for it!

15 reps of each:


Start in a standing position and hold weights in either hand. With a slight bend in your knees, glide your hands down your shins as far as you can go while maintaining a flat back. Squeeze your booty to return to standing. Repeat.

Medicine Ball Dance

This is essentially high knees with your toes touching the ball. Move clockwise around the ball, then counterclockwise. Repeat for 15 rounds.

Weighted Backward lunges

Hold weights in hands and step your foot backward to nearly touch your knee to the ground. With your body weight mostly in your opposite heel, squeeze your booty to return to standing. Repeat on opposite side.

Freeweight squats

Lower your booty parallel to the floor while keeping your chest forward and your back flat. Return to standing.


Start in a plank position. Jump your feet to your hands, then jump upward so your feet leave the ground. Place your hands back on the ground and jump your feet back to return to plank position. Repeat.  

sumo squats

Start with your legs spread wide. With one heavier weight in both your hands, squat your booty down so your thighs are parallel to the ground. Squeeze at the booty to return to standing with your legs still spread. 

Repeat 4x.


*Consult a doctor before performing any of these exercises.*

Cardio Circuit Booty Burner by @FitstagramMichelle. Try these 6 simple moves to get a perky and tight butt.
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