Booty Band Vacation Circuit

Booty Band Vacation Circuit


I just returned from my Dominican vacation, and wow was it a wonderful trip. My husband and I were sure to stay very active and get our workouts in while enjoying the time away. I completed this workout on the balcony of our resort pool, as proof you can perform it just about anywhere! All you will need for this BOOTY BURNER is a resistance band (I used a heavy band). Enjoy this vacation/travel workout and tag me if you complete it. 

Booty Band Circuit to do on vacation. No equipment needed.

Warmup: 1 mile run (optional)

15 (each side) Leg Raises

15 (each side) Donkey Kicks

15 (each side) Leg Curl Knee Taps

15 Bridges

15 (each side) Single Leg Bridges

15 (each side) Straight Leg Bridge Raises

15 Burpees

15  (each side) Kick Backs

15 (each side) Leg Abductions

15 Squats

15 Sumo Squats

Go through circuit for a total of 3x.

Healthy Matcha Muffins

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How to: Start/Restart your Fitness Journey