Athleta June Event

Athleta June Event

On Wednesday night, I hosted an event and lead my first ever workout class. After getting my personal training certification in April, I was so looking forward to being able to teach a class of women; this dream came true at Athleta in Greenwich, CT. I took a group of 13 ladies through a total body workout - very similar to ones I have in my Dumbbells And Devotions Guides. To be 100% honest, I was nervous, yet so excited to pursue this new milestone. With such encouragement and high spirits, the girls crushed their workout, sweated alongside me, and built a community. I pray I can continue to use my passions in a way that serves others!

Workouts are a way to care for our bodies, minds, and souls. Challenging these inner parts of our being with other like-minded women is what it’s all about! This event was the fulfillment of my dreams. A huge thank you to all of the incredible sponsors who generously gave to support this event.


Athleta in Greenwich, CT

Athleta crushed it with my gorgeous outfit! This cutout collection is to die for! Their Greenwich, CT store created the perfect venue for this event. We sweated together, grabbed goodies, and shopped! I couldn’t have thought of a better place to host.


Terra Origin

This is one of my favorite brands. They create healthy, natural products and supplements that actually test amazing! I use Terra Origin Bone Broth Protein daily, have recently started using their Healthy Gut (Peach Banana), as well as their collagen. I’m constantly blown away by the quality of their products and the incredible benefits I see from using them.


Fit Aid

I found these drinks a few months ago, and I am hooked! They are packed with vitamins to refuel you after and workout and keep your immune system high. This zero-sugar drink is veto-friendly and tastes out of this world!


Truth Nutrition

This is a new brand that is dedicated to creating supplements that are good for your body. After seeing so many brands with tons of additives, chemicals, dyes, and fake ingredients, Truth Nutrition created this vegan form of BCAAs to help you recover from a workout. This is now part of my routine to say the least.


Square Organics

Do you love chocolate and want something actually good for you? Well, Square Organics does it right with their protein bars. They taste like a candy bar, don’t have a grainy texture like most protein bars, and include a great balance in healthy fats, protein and carbs. I always have one of these in my purse!



Banza (chickpea pasta) is a staple in my weekly grocery list. With high protein, high fiber, and lower carbs than white pasta, Banza is the perfect substitute to your typical Italian dish. I’ve used the noodles in salads, with red sauce, and even in power bowls.


PowerUP Snacks

Have you ever tried trailmix that was stale with sugar-coated fruits? Same, but PowerUp Snacks DOES IT RIGHT! Every single package is fresh and loaded with nutrients that fuel your day. They have a great balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbs give you energy. Perfect for traveling, on-the-go, topping yogurt or smoothie bowls. The list goes on!


MODe - Energy Blocks

These energy blocks are made from raw ingredients to supply you with the nutrients you need to power through workouts. They aren’t sticky or grainy like many other bars, and they taste delicious. My favorite flavor is Blueberry Coconut.


Real Food From The Ground Up

Snacks made from veggies? I love it! These cauliflower crackers taste like cheese-it’s but have far better ingredients. No guilt here! Enjoy a bag of these whenever!


Eat Like A Woman

These bars are made from a minimal list of ingredients and are specifically created by women for women! What a brand to get behind. They are best served chilled as a well balanced snack. You can now purchase these on their website.


Modern Oats

These oat cups are life-changing for our on-the-go busy lives. Grab a cups, poor milk or water in, microwave, and enjoy! I’m in love with the flavors which are all made from premium quality ingredients to create a balanced and delicious breakfast.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, Athleta, and my amazing photographer, Daniel Mancia of @growthmediaphotos, for capturing this event. To everyone who attended, I hope you had the best time sweating and snacking with me! The goal is to have many more fitness events to come. If you are in the Philly, NYC, and CT areas, I'm coming for ya soon enough!

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