Travel Tips, Tricks and Truths

Travel Tips, Tricks and Truths

Healthy Food and Fitness Tips for Traveling

Hey Babes! I am traveling to Italy for my one year wedding anniversary, and I’m realizing that sticking to clean eating is HARD on weeks like these. I figured I’d blog about how I handle flights, travel time and such while sticking to my lifestyle. Follow along as I break it down for you. 



This might be the toughest part of traveling for me. How do I keep my meals in check when I am traveling the world? My number one tip is to PLAN and PREP. For me, this means taking a glance at my flight itinerary and figuring out when I can squeeze food in. Layovers and traveling inside the US makes this so much easier because you can meal prep and bring fresh food along with you. My go-to’s for healthy snack options are fruit, veggies, bars, and prepped easy meals. I love apples because they keep well and don’t bruise easily. You want to choose fruit and veggies that won’t bruise or mush easily, have little prep, and won’t stink up the whole flight. I recommend apples, grapes, and berries. You can even pre-slice your apples and place a rubber band (or clean hair tie) around them to keep the slices from browning). Grapes and berries can be placed in snack zip-locks that can be easily thrown away. My typical travel veggie companions are baby carrots,–and if you know me, you know I could eat 5 servings to myself–pre-cut celery and cucumbers, avocado (HELLO, BEST FRIEND). Avocados have healthy fats that will keep you satisfied for longer periods of time, plus they are packed with moisture to keep your skin hydrated during travel.

Snacks are easier to come by. They are also allowed on your flights. Obviously protein and health bars are simple to grab and go, but what else can you bring? I love a mixture of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. One of the simplest combinations is almonds and craisins; just throw them into a zip-lock and you are good to go. Another drool-worthy combo is unsweetened coconut chips with granola and almond slices. 

Are you traveling in the morning and need a fuller meal? Try bringing unsweetened oatmeal packs and use the hot tea on flights or in a terminal to soften and cook your oats. I sprinkle some of my coconut chips and craisins on top. Travel packs of PB are life-saving as well.



You need EXTRA vitamins while traveling. I know it seems odd for sitting on a plane for a couple hours to take so much out of you, but it does. Not only is your normal schedule thrown off, you are also surrounded by strangers in a closed space for that time as well. AKA germs are everywhere. Stay ahead by bringing Emergen-c packs along with you and dumping one in your drink bottle to get those vitamins flowing. 


Travel Tips: Hydrate and Comfy Clothes


DRINK UP LADIES. Traveling messes with your schedule and you are not likely running to the restroom (or water fountain) as often as usual. Bring along your water bottle and continue filling it up every time you see a water fountain. This is a good way to get moving on flights and in your terminal.



I try to wear clothes that are light and stretchy so I can be comfortable, yet also ready for power walking. Take walks around your terminal while waiting for your flight. Looking for a little booty burn? Walk a couple flights of stairs, take a walk around your terminal, then repeat. Pro Tip: claim a bathroom stall and do some squats and stretches.



It seems strange that sitting on a plane for hours tires you out, but it does! Sleep is SO important to refresh your body and keep your brain and body in rhythm. Bring an eye mask and get your Zzz’s so you are ready to rumble when you get to your destination. Headphones or earplugs work wonders. I usually clump a sweatshirt in a ball to use as a nice baby pillow without needing to carry around something extra. Avoid coffee and tea so you can be sure to let your mind rest and you can fall asleep.


I hope these tricks come in handy for you. Travel BIG and enjoy yourself. Comment below on your favorite places to visit. 

Healthy eating when traveling. How to stay fit on flights
#SmoothieGOALS Anyone?

#SmoothieGOALS Anyone?