10 Easy Ways To Burn Extra Calories

10 Easy Ways To Burn Extra Calories

Simple and Easy Ways to Burn Calories Throughout Your Day

If you are like most Americans, you are sitting in class or at work for the majority of the day. There is no way this is good for that booty (and the rest of your body for that matter). My life is so similar. I am a graphic designer and sit at my desk for 8+ hours each day, then I come to home more work and sitting. I've made it my mission to try figure out new ways to compensate for my sedentary work-life with these 10 quick and easy ideas. 


First thing's first: get moving in the morning. When you are sleeping, your metabolism is at a resting state and therefore at it's lowest point. Sweating as soon as you get out of bed wakes up your metabolism and warms your body. When your body temperature rises, you burn calories. Not to mention, you are set for your day with less to worry about. 


This one is a gem! Park away from the entrance of your building, house, grocery store or shopping mall. I know those front spots are prime parking, but if you let others have them you can get in extra steps. I use this trick every time I go to the grocery store or park for work and I feel so much better about myself for doing so.


This is really a two in one post. Drinking water will keep you hydrated throughout the day, especially after that morning workout. It keeps you energized and helps your body digest and function to its peak performance. Even better, the more water you drink, the more you will have to get off your booty to use the restroom. I use one on a different floor (or at the opposite side of my building) to get extra steps in and to raise my heart rate. Also, the more I sip, the more frequently I have to get moving. 


This goes without saying. Taking the stairs is great for upping your cardio. Even if it is just one or two flights, taking the stairs helps boost your metabolic rate. Tip: take a break in your day and walk (or jog) a couple flights of stairs. You'd be surprised at just how quickly you get out of breath. I challenged myself to jog up and down six flights twice a day. After, I notice I drink more water and my heart is pumping. Set alarms on your phone every hour or so to remind yourself to get moving.


My saving grace right here. I try to take my lunch break outside and walk around our corporate buildings for 30 minutes. This is a little over 1.5 miles. A simple walk uses your legs to power through. Those are a huge muscle group which means more calories are burned. Not only does a walk get you moving in the middle of your day, but it is a great time to review your intentions and clear your head of stress. Being in the sun automatically makes me smile a little more and become a little more grateful for a body that can move. 


Most of us have very sedentary jobs. Switch out your office chair for a stability ball to help you practice balance and good posture. I have been using a stability ball for 3 months now and notice my lower back muscles are stronger, I am more aware of my posture, and I feel more inspired to workout later. The ball creates a mindset of being active and healthy! Not only that, but Women's Health Magazine claims that a stability ball can burn 260 more calories per day than sitting in a chair! That adds up to 1,300 extra calories per five-day work week!


I tend to do my grocery shopping on my way home from work. I park away from the entrance (hello tip #2) and grab a basket. I will shop for items on my list with the intention of walking a little extra. I will intentionally skip over items on my list that are consecutively placed around the store in order to "bounce" shop. In this way of shopping, Ill hit the fresh groceries first, then head to the opposite side of the store to grab other items, then I'll walk back to the fresh isle to grab more items that I intentionally didn't grab the first time around. This forces me to walk from one end of the store to the other several times. Even better, the more I do this the heavier my basket gets...MORE CALORIES BURNED! 


It's funny how we come home from work after a long day of sitting and sit some more while watching TV. The sedentary life continues. Next time you find yourself with your butt glued to the couch, move to the ground and start doing some small stretches and plyometric exercises. I love incorporating a variety of crunches. pushups, squats and leg lifts during commercials. You can get fun with this as well by creating mini challenges during your favorite shows. 10 crunches every time you cry (this is for you, Grey's Anatomy fans) or 5 pushups for every kiss. My indoor bike is in front of my TV; this makes it easy to get my cardio in while being able to enjoy my shows. 


This seems obvious, but when you do it intentionally, you'll make even more progress!  Finding hills or extending your walk make all the difference. This can be a simple way to get moving after you've been sitting so long at work. I love finding new paths and enjoying the scenery. Jog a lap with your pup around the neighborhood for some extra burn.


Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite activity to torch fat and burn calories. Cooking/meal prep takes up to 1.5 hours of each day for me...that's a LOT of minutes. To make sure I'm using my time (and body) wisely, I do three main things to raise my heart rate while cooking. 1. I place a bootyband around my ankles for the entire meal prep. Yes, I waddle around the kitchen, but it is a killer workout for the side booty and thighs. Squat a few times, and side step to burn bonus cals! 2. I drink water with lemon. This boosts my metabolism and gets me ready to eat my meals. 3. Crank the tunes and sing and dance! This extra movement is fun, entertaining, and calorie burning! Enjoy yourself! 

I hope these 10 quick tips help you very easily raise your heart rate with minimum effort or time. The most important thing is to be conscious of your activity. Aim to live the active life and get moving as much as possible. Comment below for additional ideas you have to set those calories on fire. 

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